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How can a massage help my child?

Massages don't just work for adults.

Physical contact and attention are extremely important for child development and psychological stability. Especially in challenging times such as an exam phase, you can support children and young people well. 


Why can children and young people no longer withstand the stress easily ?


Various factors usually come into play:

  • Increasing demands and pressure to perform

  • lack of physical exercise

  • lack of activities outside/ with physical exertion

Tension, for example from writing, can also trigger tension headaches in children and adolescents. As with adults, tensions can be relieved using a wide variety of massage techniques. If the children complain about recurring or permanent back pain or headaches, a doctor should be consulted for clarification. However, many doctors are currently pointing out that during the COVID period, young people in particular are increasingly plagued by tension in the shoulder, neck and lumbar vertebrae area. In this case, massage can provide relief.

Not only adults appreciate a massage. This therapy is also being used more and more for adolescents and young adults, because experienced therapists know the causes of painful tension in adolescence. Blockages that are responsible for pain and can also lead to poor posture, for example, can be released with targeted movements.


In addition, tips on the correct use of cell phones and other mobile devices are indispensable in today's world. Young people in particular have their smartphones to their ears or their heads lowered to look at their tablets. In addition to the massage, it's also explained how to use their equipment correctly and how it will prevent future tension and pain.


Massages are always customized. Professional therapists and masseurs respond to the physical conditions of children and young people and massage with appropriate strength. It is important that the child/adult feels comfortable during the massage. Many children and adolescents will find it strange when they are asked to go to the massage. Not only pediatricians have to do more educational work here, but also the parents. It is important to explain to young people that not only adults benefit from a massage and that any feelings of shame are completely unnecessary here.

Massage can help your child in the following cases:

  • Falling asleep or sleeping through- problems 


  • Changes in life circumstances, such as moving to a new home or even a new country, divorce of parents, death of a loved one, birth of a sibling, family members who had to go through illnesses and much more.

  • For concentration problems with restlessness up to ADHD or sensory integration disorders.


  • Young athletes who want to optimize their training or for support in order to avoid overstraining ligaments and tendons / injuries.


  • Young musicians who tend to overload their tendons and muscles due to the many repetitive finger and wrist movements.


  • Young people who want to improve their mental performance and ability to concentrate.


  • Children with various specific health problems such as: asthma, autism, cerebral disorders and others. (Please consult the treating physicians)


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