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Status: 03/31/2022



  • Wearing a hygiene mask is voluntary

  • Patients with general symptoms of illness such as fever and/or cough symptoms or a general suspicion of an infectious disease should not enter the practice and stay at home or contact a doctor.

  • Therapists and employees wash their hands with soap and water and/or disinfect them regularly using the disinfectant provided. Employees are regularly asked to wash their hands.

  • In general, sufficient time must be allowed for between the individual patients in the work planning so that the mandatory disinfection of the work surfaces (including couches, devices/apparatus) and the infrastructure (including door handles, patient chairs, sanitary facilities) is possible. After each treatment, the treatment room should be well ventilated.

  • Change terrycloth covers after each treatment, store in a protected container and wash at at least 60 degrees.

  • Practice staff who are ill or feel ill are asked to stay at home.

  • All practice employees show consideration for fellow human beings and support the implementation of the protection concept.


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