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2000-2003 Cooking apprenticeship, Restaurant Martin Flüh

2003-2004 additional apprenticeship as service assistant, Restaurant Martin Flüh

2004-2010 Seasonal positions in catering in Zermatt

2010 Wellness masseuse, Zurich massage school

2010-2012 Massagetherapist 5* Hotel Mont Cervin Palace Zermatt, Leading Spas of the World

2012-2013 Classic massage, Sanavit Lehrinstitut Plüss 55 h

2013 Clinical Anatomy and Conventional Medicine, Bio Medica Basel 154 h

2014 Professional Thai Massage, Chetawan Health School, Bangkok, Thailand 165 h

2014-2018: Part-time Massage Therapist at Physiozentrum Basel,the idea of offering medical massages is now very successful. It's fulfilling to know that my creative contributions have had a positive impact

2015-2017: Full-time training as a Medical Massage Therapist at IKMP Therwil, approximately 1740 hours.

2017-2018: Part-time internship for Medical Massage Therapist, 320 hours.

2018: Perinatal/Pregnancy Massage at Massage School Zurich.

2019: Start of self-employment part-time while also working as a part-time nanny

Further training etc. :


Headaches and migraines

Cervicogenic headache, Acu Max Bad Zurzach


CMD - Craniomandibular dysfunctions, Acu Max Bad Zurzach 64 h

Lumbar spine findings-oriented therapy, Acu Max Bad Zurzach

Fascia/connective tissue

Cupping therapy, Acu Max Bad Zurzach


2013 Practice Management, Bio Medica Basel

2019 anatomy course on human specimens, Prof. Andry Vleeming,  Institute of Anatomy, University of Basel, BS

2022 Findings-oriented therapy reports

2022 2022 News from fascia research - Live streaming interactions between fascia, autonomic nervous system and immune system

2022 The ABC of nutrition for pregnant women and small children  

2022 Post-traumatic stress syndrome after 2 years of Covid pandemic

2022 Sleep and sleep disorders - scientific and therapeutic approaches

2023 Sexual-and stress hormones

2023 data protection for therapists

Why choose a certified therapist?

  • The therapist has completed their diploma education at a school recognized in Switzerland

  • The therapist has a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the musculoskeletal system. This is crucial for accurately understanding the needs and issues of patients

  • A professional therapist adheres to ethical standards, including maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Reliability and punctuality are also crucial

  • A professional massage therapist upholds high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection of towels, massage equipment, and work areas

  • Can tailor treatments to the needs and circumstances of each individual patient to enable the best possible treatment strategy

  • Must complete annual continuing education hours to stay informed about changes in healthcare and improve their skills

  • Has a registration number through which patients can claim reimbursement for therapeutic massages from supplementary insurances

  • Is (often) a member of a professional association

  • Can legally collaborate with other healthcare professionals and can refer to them for interdisciplinary exchange

  • Has a clean criminal record

  • Has professional liability insurance with sufficient coverage

Read more about the guide “Decision-making aids for choosing an excellent therapist” here


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