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Aromatherapy massage


Herbal stamps for herbal stamp massages are traditionally used in Asia to relieve pain in joints and muscles, as well as to improve skin structure and mostly during classic massage. A special herbal mixture is tied tightly in a cotton cloth and this wrapped stamp is then heated with hot oil.

The subsequent tapping and stroking treatments ensure relaxation and well-being.

The pleasant effect of heat is also comparable to the classic hot stone massage.

The spreading fragrance means well-being during the massage of a special kind. 
A steaming hot stamp is used to tap off the body parts to be treated. After a short cooling period, the stamp is passed over the skin with short, quick strokes. If the stamp is skin-friendly and warm, it is gently rubbed over the body in a circular motion along the energy lines.

I make the herbal stamps myself. No chemical additives or preservatives are used. The natural herbs prepared according to a traditional herbal mixture are filled into cotton bags and wrapped using the traditional method. Professional, tight wrapping of the stamps made of pure, untreated cotton ensures that the herbal stamps meet the high quality standards. The scents and active ingredients of the natural herbs remain 100 percent intact thanks to the airtight packaging of the herbal stamps.

Effect of the massage with herbal stamps

  • Stimulating the self-healing powers

  • Promotion of blood circulation

  • Dynamization of skin and tissue

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • stimulation of the metabolism

  • Relaxation of the muscles and the nervous system

  • Purification and detoxification of the whole body


  • Fever

  • open wounds, open skin areas

  • unexplained skin diseases, skin irritations

  • Cardiovascular problems/diseases

  • allergies to ingredients. Allergies to herbs and grasses

  • severe varicose veins

  • pregnancy

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