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Gift voucher

Give your loved ones a pampering break!

Whether for a birthday, Christmas or just because - relaxation through a massage is a nice gift.

Vouchers can preferably be ordered by email. Delivery is usually within 1-2 business days by post. A payment slip is enclosed with the voucher - additional fees are charged for cash payments at the counter:


up to 50 CHF      +      2 CHF

up to 100CHF     + 2.40 CHF

up to 1000CHF   + 3.10 CHF

Please indicate the following when ordering:

  • Type of voucher (value voucher or e.g. for 60 min massage)

  • Name of the gift recipient

  • name of the giver

  • Name and address to which the voucher should be sent (if the delivery address differs from the billing address, please enter both)

Vouchers are not sent online because the quality of the printers at home varies and therefore a satisfactory printout cannot always be guaranteed.

Voucher prices incl. shipping:

30 min classic massage                              65 CHF

60 min classic/ pregnancy massage       125 CHF

90 min pregnancy massage                      185 CHF

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

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