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Expectant mothers experience major physical and mental changes during pregnancy. Weight gain changes posture, which often leads to back pain and severe joint strain. The pregnancy or prenatal massage is a natural way to significantly relieve most of the common discomforts of pregnancy. Through gentle stretching, pressing and stroking, the pregnancy massage becomes a holistic experience of body, mind and soul for the mother-to-be and promotes the bond with her baby. The mother-to-be can relax and perceive her body differently. With the pregnancy massage, the complaints in the upper back and in the shoulder-neck area as well as the hips can be alleviated. During the pregnancy massage, stress and anxiety can be reduced, the joints relieved and the blood circulation in the lymphatic vessels improved.


Who is the treatment suitable for?


  • 13th week of pregnancy reached

  • no risk pregnancy

  • Discuss this with your doctor/midwife


The massage is performed on your side, you lie comfortably and are supported by pillows. Depending on how you feel and the stage of your pregnancy, you can also have a massage on your stomach or back. Contraindicated reflex zones and acupressure points are left out.


The treatment can be started from the 13th week of pregnancy and can usually be enjoyed until just before the birth. Massages can also be given during the birth, this is usually done by the partner or the midwife.

After birth everyday life with a newborn, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, postnatal recovery and breastfeeding is exhausting and demands the woman's body and soul. Massages can help in many cases. The massage is tailored to the needs of the woman and can also be combined with other techniques.



Matthea Birth Center offers women holistic and professional care with everything to do with pregnancy, birth preparation, childbirth and recovery.

It is a great task for me to support the team in their work and to supplement the offer with the pregnancy massage




Every Friday 09:00-13:00 

Entrance to the left of Cafe Finkmüller, ring the bell at therapy 2, then take the elevator or stairs to -1 to the therapy rooms. You will be picked up in the waiting area

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