faq children and youth massage

How long does a treatment for a child take?

  • Toddlers and children up to 12 years = 30 minutes

  • Teenagers from 13 to 15 years = 30-45 minutes

For the first treatment, please plan about 10 minutes to fill out the short questionnaire and for the first anamnesis.

My child will never lie still for 30 minutes!


We will take our time to find out the best possible approach to massage your child. If you are concerned that the child cannot lie down for 30 minutes, you can practice it at home in a playful way, or you can wait a little longer for the first appointment.

Can I bring my child and pick them up again after the massage?


It is important that a parent remains present in the treatment room during the first massage. On one hand, so that your child can relax, and there is a very good opportunity for you to ask questions and learn the massage techniques yourself, so that you can also massage your child at home.

Should I also massage my child at home?

Why not? Regular massage will do you and your child a lot of good. A hand/foot or back massage can become part of a bedtime ritual and will help strengthen the bond between you and your child.


My child has a disability / is recovering from an accident and is receiving medical attention. Can I still bring it to the massage treatment?

It's very likely that it will work anyway. However, there are individual situations where a massage is contraindicated. Please contact your pediatrician. We are always very happy when we have the opportunity to work with paediatricians.

Does my child have to undress during treatment?

Only as far as your child feels comfortable and as necessary. We will only uncover the parts of the body that we are currently working on, such as the back,  the hands, feet.

Do you also offer baby massage?

With the baby massage, the parents are instructed in the massage. There are specific baby massage courses which we unfortunately do not offer, but we are happy to give you references / addresses.